Sustainable energy generation and the challenges of energy transition demand an
interdisciplinary and overall cooperation in companies.

Business administration functions will be refined in order to ensure an effective interaction between technical and economic players within companies.

For example

  • Volatile energy prices require a reorientation of the procurement and calculation of
    profitability for demand site management
  • Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things enable the coalescence of technical system
    control and cost accounting
  • Organizational development respects and involves employees who in return accept and understand energy management and its requirement within the company
  • Managerial accounting continuously delivers energy-related data online; planning
    activities merge with steering activities to create a comprehensive collaboration of
    business functions.

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The key to success is the collaboration of the functions within companies.

  • Which instruments and strategies enable the successful cooperation of business
    administrative and technical functions within companies?
  • What does energy-oriented business administration contribute to sustainable planning and decision-making processes?
  • How do companies and organizations benefit from an orientation towards a
    comprehensive, resource-efficient energy management?
  • What are the correlations with climate change?

Our project follows these questions. The developed strategies and instruments
represent the core contents of our target-group-oriented advanced training packages. In the coming months presentations, exercises, videos, etc. can be directly downloaded from our website.

In order to test and implement the training, we offer privileged pilot partnerships during the project. We train your employees in your company and adopt the training contents
according to your needs.

Resource oriented energy management and climate change