On this page, you can download our training materials on “Climate Change” and
“Energy Oriented Business Administration”.

The training materials are published as PowerPoint presentations showing figures,
pictures and illustrations on the slides completed by an explinatory text and their sources in the notes.

It is our objective that interested persons can use the presentations and adapt them
according to their needs. In that way they can be compiled in any order.

Download module “Climate Change”

The presentation contains 45 slides incl. corresponding notes, is meant to serve as an
introduction to the topic and can be used for presentations and discussions.

Download Climate Change Module (ppt, 15 MB):

The full version is only available in German.

Download module “Energy Oriented Business Administration”

The English versions of the advanced training materials on “Energy
Oriented Business Adminstration” will be presented in our free online course available in autumn 2018 on




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Resource oriented energy management and climate change