The project has been ended on 31.03.2018 beendet. The results and further activities developed from the project are presented on our website (in German) and in autumn 2018 on (in English).


Increasing energy costs and climate change demand a proactive, organized and systematic operational energy management from companies and non-profit organizations.

Investments in energy have long-term effects. Strategic planning has to take into account potential future settings/scenarios particularly with regards to climate change and climate change adaption.

The project partners University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen am Rhein and UDATA GmbH develop and create advanced training packages dealing with resource-oriented
energy management
, energy-oriented business administration, and climate change. The energy-oriented business adminstration modules will soon be available for download. The
short version of the climate change module is ready for download.

The advanced training materials show risks and opportunities for companies and
organizations coming along with climate change. Furthermore, they explain strategies to be pursued in order to meet the present and upcoming challenges of increasing climate- and
resource-related energy costs.

Physical energy flows in the accounting system are illustrated and potential adaptation strategies monetarily described. We demonstrate which strategies bring about sustainable effects and at the same time are optimally feasible.

Resource oriented energy management and climate change